MTJN was set up after the Methodist Conference in 2012, in order to encourage the Methodist Church to become an internationally recognised advocate for tax justice.

MTJN has a global vision of a fairer world economy where:
• Democratically elected governments set the tax system, not transnational corporations.
• Individuals and companies alike pay their taxes.
• Automatic information exchange and beneficial ownership create complete transparency, so governments can see where they’re losing out.
• Country-by-country reporting allows governments to know who is paying tax and where, how much they’re paying and whether that reflects their scale of operations.
• Tax havens cease to exist as a result of the above.
• The Methodist Church takes on tax justice as a fundamental mission objective worldwide.

Our network includes ministers, lay staff, international partners and representatives of partner organisations including Christian Aid and the Tax Justice Network – but most importantly, it includes passionate individuals who want to make a difference. By working within the Methodist Connexion to educate, communicate and inspire, supporting tax justice campaigns and forming partnerships overseas, we hope to see the Methodist Church become a vigorous voice for change.

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Methodist Tax Justice Network
The Methodist Tax Justice Network aims to put tax justice issues at the heart of the Methodist Church's mission, through campaigning, working with partners in the UK and overseas and educating and communicating within the Methodist Connexion.