MTJN's 2016 programme has been completed, but our events for 2017 are now being planned. Keep your eyes peeled for more news soon!

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In Praise of Whistleblowers

Wednesday, April 05, 2017 at 12:00 PM
PwC London Headquarters in London, United Kingdom

Organised by the Tax Justice Network and the Methodist Tax Justice Network.

On April 5th we want both to challenge PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) to rejoin the human community, and honour LuxLeaks whistleblower Raphael Halet for what he has gone through to try to inject some honesty and integrity into the murky world of ‘high’ finance. On April 5th therefore, outside PwC’s London headquarters at 1 Embankment Place (just up Villiers St from Embankment tube station) we will be presenting him with the UK’s first Tax Transparency Award for heroism in the face of the tax cheats, too many of whom inhabit the financial services industry. We invite you to join us with your placards, such as ‘PwC stop the cheating’, ‘PwC end tax dodging’, ‘Tax Hero Raphael’, ‘Halet means Tax Justice’, under the general heading of ‘In Praise of Whistle-blowers’.

Methodist Tax Justice Network
The Methodist Tax Justice Network aims to put tax justice issues at the heart of the Methodist Church's mission, through campaigning, working with partners in the UK and overseas and educating and communicating within the Methodist Connexion.