Tax Dodging Bill - What You Can Do Post-Election

I'm sure many of you were very surprised when the exit polls were revealed on election night, and even more surprised the next morning when it was confirmed that we were to have a Conservative majority government. This result will, of course, have major repercussions for all who campaign for social justice or work for civil society organisations. However, it is up to all of us to hold the new government to account on issues we believe to be important.

The Methodist Tax Justice Network, as a member of the coalition of charities and CSOs that make up the Tax Dodging Bill Campaign, believe that it is of particular importance that this government passes a bill within their first 100 days of government to tackle corporate tax avoidance. This bill will make it harder for companies to dodge taxes, ensure they're not getting unfair tax breaks, scrap UK tax rulings that encourage companies to avoid tax in developing countries and increase the transparency of the UK tax regime.

Among the Conservatives' election promises, they have stated that they will aim to recoup £5bn a year by cracking down on tax avoidance. We believe that the package of measures put together in the Tax Dodging Bill are the most effective means of achieving this, and we want to let the government know that only through a specific bill targeting tax dodging can there be any meaningful progress on this issue.

For these reasons, we want you to take action and push this government to include a Tax Dodging Bill among the measures they announce in the Queen's Speech on May 27th. You can do this by visiting, signing the petition and writing an email to David Cameron - 72,000 people have already signed the petition, but we need more if we really want to make the Prime Minister sit up and listen. If you have a Conservative MP in your constituency, we would also encourage you to write to them or arrange to speak with them in person, so that they know that this is an issue of concern for their constituents.

For more information about the Tax Dodging Bill campaign, please visit

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New blog on our website: Tax Dodging Bill - What You Can Do Post-Election.
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New blog on our website: Tax Dodging Bill - What You Can Do Post-Election.
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